About us

The company VIA 2000 Ltd. was founded in 2000 and is registered according to the laws in force in the Republic of Bulgaria. With the help of a team of experienced specialists and our technical equipment, the company operates in the following main directions:

  • Trade in Bulgaria and abroad with explosives, raw materials and re-export
  • Production of explosives for civil use
  • Demilitarization of ammunitions
  • Drilling and blasting activities at quarries for extraction of inert materials
  • Special blasting design
  • Transportation and forwarding of dangerous goods
  • Trade with defense-related products and dual-use goods and technologies
  • Security services

ISO 9001

VIA 2000 LTD has developed, implemented and certified a quality management system according to standard ISO 9001.

CE mark

All of the substances and products we offer possess CE mark.

The main users of the goods and services we offer are explosives factories in the country and abroad, mines, quarries, companies performing drilling-blasting works. VIA 2000 LTD have trade relations with companies from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, the members of European Union, USA and others.

Thanks to the high professionalism, efficiency and variety of our goods and services offered, the company managed to prove itself as a reliable partner.